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YeonHee's Diary

first international fanbase

Yeonhee's Diary
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Name: Lee YeonHee

Korean: 이연희
Chinese: 李妍熙
Japanese: イ・ヨニ

Company: SM Entertainment
Year of Debut: 2001
Occupation: Model, Actress
Scouted through: winning "Feature Best" in the SM Entertainment Best Youth Contest
Date of Birth: 1988 February 26 (western) 1988 January 9th (lunar calender)
Height: 169cm
Weight: 48kg
Blood Type: B
Nickname: Bedspread (I think its because she likes to sleep?)
Family members: Parents, 2 older sisters (HyoJoo & SeonHwa) + one younger brother
Schooling: BoonDang JoongAn High School. Accepted into JoongAn University, majoring in media performance theatrical studies.
Hobbies: Listening to music, looking into the mirror, singing
Specialty: Swimming, sports
Religion: Christian
I like Most About Myself: eyes
Fav Celebs: Wonbin, Kang DongWon
Fav Food: Korean, chinese, japanese & italian
Fav Music Genre: Ballad, rock ballad
Fav Song: "마지막선물" (Last Present)
Fav Movie: 시실리 2km/失時里2km/Sisily 2km
Fav Seasons: Spring & Autumn
Fav Animal: Puppy
Fav Colour: Black, white, blue
Fav Number: 7,1
Fav Sports: Soccer, swimming (likes any kind of sport)
Likes to Wear: Mini skirt, jeans
Food I Dislike: Duck & fish
Good Way to Relieve Stress: Sleeping
Ideal Guy: Someone with big eyes, tall, good built, most importantly not fake but gives off a good feeling (I think that means good impression)


- YeonHee auditioned for the 'Korea Japan Ultra Idol Duo Audition' in 2001, butwas eliminated in the final round to Girls Generation member Choi SooYoung; she almost became a Girls Generation member.
- Is close friends with Kwon BoA
- Owns a puppy named 'Dolly'
- Models for her older sister's online clothing store, 'MOMOLEE'



- Millionaire's First Love (2006 - as Choi Eun Hwan 최은환)
- M (2007 - as MiMi 미미)
- My Love (2007 - as So Hyeon 소현)
- OCN Short Movie 'U Turn' (2008)
- 순정만화 (2008 - as Han Soo Young 한수영)


- KBS: 해신/Emperor of the Sea (November 2004 - as young Jung Hwa 아역 정화)
- KBS: 금쪽같은 내새끼/My Precious Child (2005 - as Yeon Ji 연지)
- KBS: 부활/Resurrection (2005 - as Kang Shin Young 강신영)
- MBC: 어느 멋진날/One Fine Day (2006 - Goo Hyo Joo 구효주)
- MBC: 에덴의 동쪽/East of Eden (2008 - Gook Young Ran 국영란)

Music Video Apperances

- Our Story (2001)
- Alone (2001)

- Thanks God (2001)
- Memories (2002)
- Pine Tree (2002)
- Propose(2002)
- Persona (2005 - note: only her picture was in there)

- Condition Of My Heart (2003)
- Habit (Poison Ivy) (2003)

- My Little Princess (2004)
- My Little Princess Acapella (2004)
- The Way U Are (2004)
- One (2005 - 'Millionaire's First Love' footage)
- InSa/Greeting (2006 - 'Millionaire's First Love' footage)

- ShinHwa - Hero (2002)
- Park TaeWon - 비련/Tragic Love (2005 - for KBS Drama "HaeShin")
- Jang HyeJin - Tears Falling (2006 - for SBS Drama "One Fine Day")
- JANG RIIN - Timeless (2006 - Part 1 & 2)
- BoA - Mist (2007 - for 'M')
- Humming Urban Studio - Hawaiin Couple (2007 - for 'My Love')
- BoA - December 27th (2007 - for 'My Love')
- JANG RIIN - I Will (2008 - Part 1, Chinese ver.)
- JANG RIIN - Lovers (2008 - Part 2, Chinese ver.)
- 2008 '연가/戀歌' (lit. translation - Love Song) (2008 - to be released in March)
- 고유진 (Flower) - 너 하나만 (2008 - for OCN's 'U-Turn')


- InSa/Greeting (Millionaires First Love OST. Track 17)
- Do Re Mi (Millionaire's First Love, not featured in OST)

e-Pyunhan SeSang DaeRim Apartments (2001.08)
Elite Basics School Uniform (2001.11)
Nong Hyup Ssal Rice (2002.07)
Japan National Tourist Organisation (2002.12 - with BoA & Kim JiHoon)
Orion Maple Sweeple (2003.01)
Clean and Clear Fairness (2003.08 - with So EeHyun)
FuJi Film "FinePix" CF (2004.06- with Jo InSung)
Coreana Entia (2005.08)
Pocari Sweat CF (2005.05)
비요뜨 Model (2005 - with Choi ShiWon)
Pizza Hut "Big 4 Set" (2005.09 - with Han HyoJoo)
White Angel Chocolate CF (2005.09)
Ivy Club (2005.10 - with ShinHwa)
White Angel Chocolate Christmas CF (2005.11)
White Angel Chocolate Valentines CF (2006.01)
Nii CF (2006 - with YooGeon)
Japanese McDonalds Melon Shake CF (2006)
Ivy Club (2006 - with Super Junior)
Actyon (2008 - with So JiSup)
Sony Korea Cybershot W Series (2008)
NongShim 찰 비빔면 (2008)

o1. As this is a community for the actress Lee YeonHee, let's all try to keep the posts about her.

o2. NO HOTLINKING! This is a rule which I think all of us already knows, so let's be good citizens of the earth and stop hotlinking ok?

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o5. And please don't forget to credit your sources.

o6. Use appropriate tags when posting, so that all of us won't have a hard time finding stuff.

o7. Try to speak your mind as much as you can by either sharing or commenting.

o8. Lastly, enjoy! Don't be afraid to ask the mods questions, we don't bite. ^^
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